Resident Council

When public housing neighbors come together and form an organization to improve their housing and community, it’s called a resident council.

These councils provide residents with a pathway to work with the housing authority and other community groups to improve the lives of all residents.

Resident council meeting in progress

Resident Council

The resident council includes all residents at each public housing complex. Each complex has an elected council executive board consisting of five members committed to improving the quality of life and resident satisfaction.

Meetings are held once a month to discuss community events, fundraisers, RHA updates, and to ensure all residents are given a voice.

Meetings Calendar

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Meeting TitleMeeting DateMeeting TimeDocuments
Silverada Resident Council MeetingMay 9, 202410:00
Myra Birch Resident Council MeetingMay 8, 202415:30
Tom Sawyer Resident Council MeetingMay 6, 202414:00
Stead Resident CouncilMay 3, 202413:00
Silverada Resident Council MeetingApril 11, 202410:00
Myra Birch Resident Council MeetingApril 10, 202415:30
Mineral Manor Resident Council MeetingApril 9, 202416:00
Stead Resident Council MeetingApril 5, 202413:00
Essex Resident Council MeetingApril 3, 202415:00
Tom Sawyer Resident Council MeetingApril 1, 202414:00

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