FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan Amendment - Notice of Public Hearing and Public Comment Period

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Many RHA programs work because we have private landlord partners. Whether you own a small duplex or manage an entire apartment complex, we have programs that support you as you rent to low-income Nevadans who need a safe, secure place to call home.

With specialty vouchers available to veterans and foster youth, in addition to traditional vouchers for seniors and families, the RHA values landlords who serve our shared clientele.

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How can I get Involved?

Learn more about landlord protections when you rent through RHA by watching this video, downloading the new landlord packet or attending our monthly New Landlord Briefing. These briefings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. Sign up by emailing landlords@renoha.org.

Our New Landlord Packet includes:

  • A sample of the HAP contract and the Request for Tenancy Approval form
  • Printouts of the New Landlord Briefing and Landlord Fair slideshows
  • Housing Choice Voucher fact sheets
  • Several important forms (such as the Request for Change in Contract Rent form)
  • Important RHA contact information

Landlord Incentive Program

Property managers and landlords who participate with RHA receive rent payment stability, regular inspections to protect their property, direct payment into their bank accounts, and other protections beyond the day of move-out.

You maintain a contract with each tenant, and also with us, so you have the same rights afforded any of your non-voucher leases. We provide criminal background checks and guaranteed payments, which you won’t find elsewhere.

The RHA also has a landlord liaison who works directly with you, so you have personalized service and a one-stop shop.

List your rental free here: https://nvhousingsearch.org/

The Landlord Incentive Program protects you:

  • When a tenant passes away while still under lease

  • When an eviction for cause is filed through the courts and executed

  • When a tenant vacates without providing proper notice

  • When the RHA terminates housing assistance for violating program rules

  • When a tenant causes damage to the unit in excess of the security deposit
Housing Quality Standards

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) establish criteria necessary for the health and safety of program participants. All voucher-subsidized units must meet these performance and acceptability standards in order to participate in the program.

housing quality inspector, inspecting a house

HQS inspections are conducted by RHA staff to ensure that units meet HUD’s minimum performance and acceptability criteria.

When do HQS Inspection Occur?

HQS inspections come in three different varieties. Initial Inspections occur when a voucher holder submits a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) for a specific housing unit. Biennial Regular Inspections occur every other year on housing units that are currently under lease by a voucher holder.

Special Inspections may be requested by either the tenant or the landlord and fall outside of the biennial inspection schedule.

What do HQS inspectors look for in a unit?

RHA has a HQS self-inspection checklist that shows tenants and landlords exactly what inspectors are looking for.

Have questions or need a particular form?

Contact us using this form and the Reno Housing Authority will respond as soon as possible.

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FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan Amendment

The Housing Authority of the City of Reno (RHA) is requesting public comments and
conducting a public hearing on an amendment to the FY 2024 Moving to Work (MTW) Annual
Plan. The amendment proposes to allow RHA to develop alternative reasonable cost limits to the
Total Development Cost (TDC) and Housing Construction Cost (HCC) limits that are separate
from HUD’s standard limits to better reflect local costs to develop and rehabilitate new and
existing properties.

RHA’s amended FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan will be available for public review and comment
from November 17, 2023 through January 22, 2024 at RHA’s Administrative Office, 1525 E.
Ninth St, Reno, NV 89512 and on the website here. Copies of the amended FY 2024 MTW
Annual Plan may also be obtained by contacting Kim Anhalt, MTW Coordinator, at (775) 329-
3630; TDDY (785) 770-7166 or by email at kanhalt@renoha.org.

The public may provide oral comments by attending the public hearing described below and/or
submitting written comments during the comment period. Written comments on the proposed
plan amendment can be submitted by mail to the address noted above. Comments must be
received by close of business day on January 22, 2024.

A Public Hearing to answer questions and receive comments will be held on Thursday,
January 4, 2024 at 6:00pm in Silverada Manor’s Community Room, 1400 Silverada Blvd., Reno,
NV 89512.

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