FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan Amendment - Notice of Public Hearing and Public Comment Period

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Showcasing some of our most fun and exciting community activities

Bike Camp

Each summer and Washoe County School District autumn break, RHA partners with the Reno Bike Project to host the Major Taylor Bike Camp for our RHA youth. The camp is for youth ages 11-18 and teaches safe riding, commuting education, bike repair and more. You didn’t hear it from us, but sometimes, participating kiddos even get to keep a brand new bike when they take part in this program!

Pool Party

RHA pool parties are legendary! The middle of summer is rough and there’s no better way for a family to cool down that a dip in the water and may be a little waterslide action at Traner Pool. Free activities like these strengthen family bonds and provide enriching endeavors for our residents.

Duncan STEM Academy Walk & Roll

Each year RHA employees join students and staff from Washoe County School District and Reno Police Department for the annual day to emphasize pedestrian/bike safety at the elementary school near RHA administrative offices. We love being part of a community that helps kids realize their full potential by being safe to and from school!

Silver Angel Tree

When you choose a The Salvation Army - Reno Silver Angel Tree tag and purchase a gift, RHA this is one of the places your present is delivered and appreciated. Low-income seniors at several Reno Housing Authority complexes receive heartwarming gifts at the holidays. Many of these residents don't have strong family ties nearby, and these gestures of generosity and love go a long way toward sharing the holiday spirit.

Junior Ski Program

Each year Sky Tavern and BOBOS SKI BOARD PATIO provide scholarships and gear for 150 RHA kiddos and parents to participate in the Junior Ski Program. Strong community partners like these provide safe, healthy and fun opportunities for our families to enjoy the great outdoors.

Fresh Fades & Braids

In partnership with the SWAAG Foundation and Northern Nevada Barber Academy, every autumn RHA youth get the chance to return to school with confidence. Free school supplies and haircuts help kids return to school ready to work!


Every public housing family site competes for bragging rights at Halloween. Teamed up with RHA staff, the site hosts a magical, boo-tiful, candy- and fun-filled Halloween celebration!

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FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan Amendment

The Housing Authority of the City of Reno (RHA) is requesting public comments and
conducting a public hearing on an amendment to the FY 2024 Moving to Work (MTW) Annual
Plan. The amendment proposes to allow RHA to develop alternative reasonable cost limits to the
Total Development Cost (TDC) and Housing Construction Cost (HCC) limits that are separate
from HUD’s standard limits to better reflect local costs to develop and rehabilitate new and
existing properties.

RHA’s amended FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan will be available for public review and comment
from November 17, 2023 through January 22, 2024 at RHA’s Administrative Office, 1525 E.
Ninth St, Reno, NV 89512 and on the website here. Copies of the amended FY 2024 MTW
Annual Plan may also be obtained by contacting Kim Anhalt, MTW Coordinator, at (775) 329-
3630; TDDY (785) 770-7166 or by email at kanhalt@renoha.org.

The public may provide oral comments by attending the public hearing described below and/or
submitting written comments during the comment period. Written comments on the proposed
plan amendment can be submitted by mail to the address noted above. Comments must be
received by close of business day on January 22, 2024.

A Public Hearing to answer questions and receive comments will be held on Thursday,
January 4, 2024 at 6:00pm in Silverada Manor’s Community Room, 1400 Silverada Blvd., Reno,
NV 89512.

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