Portability is the process of transferring or “porting” a family’s rental subsidy to another Housing Authority’s jurisdiction. Portability is only available through the Housing Choice Voucher program and only under certain circumstances. RHA is currently absorbing all incoming ports. Contact a Housing Specialist for more information.

When a client moves to another jurisdiction under the HCVP with assistance, the process is called portability. There are restrictions placed on the use of portability.

Restrictions on Portability for Applicants. If neither the head nor spouse had a domicile (legal residence) in RHA’s jurisdiction at the date of their initial application for assistance, the household will not be permitted to exercise portability upon issuance of a voucher except as provided for in the VAWA after receipt of acceptable certification. For a portable household that was not already receiving assistance in RHA’s tenant-based program, RHA must determine whether the household is eligible for admission under the receiving PHA’s program.

Restrictions on Portability for Participants. After an applicant has leased-up in the jurisdiction of the initial housing agency, they cannot exercise portability during the first year of assisted occupancy except as provided for in the VAWA after receipt of acceptable certification. RHA will not permit households to exercise portability if the household owes money to RHA or has moved out of its assisted unit in violation of the lease. If RHA is in the process of taking action that could result in termination of the household’s assistance, RHA will provide written notification of the possible termination to the receiving PHA.