Landlord Incentive Program

Landlord Incentive Program

The Reno Housing Authority (RHA) implemented its Landlord Incentive Program October 1, 2017. The program provides an additional Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) to landlords who have lost tenancy through any one of four causes. The program was expanded in September of 2019 to include a fifth qualifying cause for damage to the unit beyond the amount of the security deposit, when discovered after move-out.

Landlords may request one additional month of HAP based on any one of the five qualifying criteria. No more than one additional HAP payment will be made through the Landlord Incentive Program per tenancy. The five instances in which the Landlord Incentive Program may be utilized include

  • When a tenant passes away while still under lease.
  • When an eviction for cause is filed through the courts and executed.
  • When a tenant vacates without providing proper notice.
  • When the RHA terminates a family’s housing assistance for violation of program rules and/or family obligations.
  • When a tenant causes damage to the unit in excess of the security deposit.

All requests for the additional HAP must be made in writing to the RHA on a Request for Landlord Incentive Form no more than 30 calendar days from the date of the action which resulted in the unit being vacated.

Landlord Incentive Request Form for Second Month HAP