Past Projects

At the Reno Housing Authoring, we are continuously striving to upgrade and improve our locations. Some of the past projects that we have accomplished include:

RHA removed all of the original cabinets, counter tops, sinks and faucets and installed new ADA Accessible cabinets, tops, sinks and fixtures. An entirely new cabinet layout was developed providing easier access to more storage and counter space. New vinyl floors were added to the contract.

RHA removed one hundred standard tank water heaters and installed new Rinnai Energy Star Certified tankless water heaters. The tankless system does not require continuous heating of the water like the standard water heaters. Once heated, the system can provide continuous hot water for hours.

RHA removed and replaced 868 existing windows with new Cascade WinPro Vinyl windows. The new windows are dual pane with low –e glass and argon gas filled. The windows are Energy Star Certified and not only increase the heating/cooling efficiency of the units; they also provide added sound attenuation.