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Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners are responsible for setting policy and supervising the Executive Director. They are appointed by the Mayor of Reno and confirmed by the City Council to serve four-year terms. One of the five must be a tenant in an RHA program.

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Dick Scott - Chairman

Dick Scott is our longest standing current Board member joining RHA’s Board in 2003 and shortly thereafter, and still is, the Chairman. He was asked to sit on the Board by then Councilwoman, Jessica Sferrazza and has been re-nominated four times. Dick has been a Reno resident for 47 years, coming here originally for just a one year job assignment with Rainbow Baking Company and has loved the area ever since. Dick has had the pleasure of serving on many Boards and gets the most satisfaction being on the RHA Board. He states helping so many that need a hand up is gratifying and that he sleeps well knowing he is a part of something that is so meaningful.

Other Boards Dick has served on include RSCVA, TRPT and RTC. On the RTC Board, he was fortunate to take part in the approval process bringing public bus lines into Reno. What began as a one year stint in Reno has become a lifetime of active community service, both publicly and politically, allowing him the satisfaction of helping others in need.

Mark Sullivan - Vice Chairman

Vice Chairperson Mark Sullivan is passionate about helping those in need which is shown in his dedication and enthusiasm for the Reno Housing Authority. Mark’s background stems from the construction industry, moving quickly into local government affairs that included legislation for the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and lobbying for contractors.

In his commitment to help others, Mark was instrumental as one of the four founders of Reno’s ACE High School. The charter high school specializes in career and technical education through practical hands on applications. The school, through its students, builds a house a year and with proceeds going toward funding of additional building trade projects.

Mark is a true believer in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that states our most basic needs are food, clothing, and shelter. His goal, as a RHA Board member, is to identify the housing gaps in our community and focus on filling those through the efforts of RHA. Mark is grateful for the hard work the RHA staff does and their dedication to helping others.

Mayor Hillary Schieve - Board Member

Hillary brings to the Council her entrepreneurial experience as an employer and local business owner, as well as her out-of-the-box thinking which helped her businesses prosper during the economic downturn. Hillary is the owner and operator of three businesses in the City of Reno. She wants to use her business knowledge to help eliminate bureaucratic red tape and spur job creation.






Barbara Wilhelms - Board Member

Barbara is RHA’s Resident Board member living at one of our Public Housing sites for the past 16 years. She earned her college degree in Social Work and worked at the Northern Nevada Children’s Home supervising 10 children ages 5 to 18 years old. Barbara spent time working at the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Food and Nutrition Services offices as she and her husband moved around during his military career. You could say that working with children in need has been her life’s passion. Now in her retirement, Barbara continues to offer her time to those in need through her complex’s Resident Council as past president and past Tenant Representative and as a past member of the RHA’s Resident Advisory Board. Barbara’s deep commitment to the RHA stems from her desire to stay engaged and to be involved in decisions that affect her neighbors and her friends.